Fall From Darkness – Novella 1

The first Novella in our novella subscription is here. How exciting is that? Fall From Darkness is 1 of four novellas. You will be getting a new one each month. And then a new series of Novella’s will be introduced. Below you will find the blurb and the first chapter – well the prequel, as well as links as to how you can buy your own subscription.


Tianna has never been a good girl; well bat shapeshifter. The life she had been living brought her dark side out even more. Due to a rash decision, her old life has been taken away from her. Now she is cleaning up her act, withdrawing from the addictive drugs. And, gasp, helping out a colony of bat shifters, rivals to her old colony.   

Dmitri is the colonies head bat Starks right hand, and he has been struggling to find a way to make their defences better. When Tianna helped out one of the pre-adult bats he saw how they could improve. It was just a bonus that he had, had his eye on her for some time. But she had always been out of reach, in Leon’s death grip.   

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Prequel – Blackhole

Arms chained to the wall back bleeding from the lashings of the barbed whip she wished that she was mortal that way she could just die. The unique metal in the chain at her wrists stopped her from changing to bat or flashing out of her personal hell. Flashing is another term for teleporting. She was past screaming. Why she had taken on someone else’s punishment, she didn’t know. But she had been getting restless for a while now.  

Whack, rip, more of the skin from her back gave way. She wasn’t sure how long she had been here, or how much longer she would be here. All she could remember was the ruling that she was to get a month’s whipping, and then she was out. 

It was that last part that terrified her the most, what would she do without the drugs, the instant gratification of any of her desires, of her Leon, her master, her lover, and her punisher. He could give the sweetest of torture and the evilest of agony sometimes they were one and the same. But not today, today it was solely evil!  

This was payback for standing up to him, for defending a worthless dog, well bat really, for betraying him. As soon as Tianna had done it, she knew she would pay for it in blood and bone. But she had done it and now was suffering the consequences, the agony, and torment.   

She had been becoming bored with the whole game for a while now. But she had been most loyal until this incident, and she had stood up for Dain. What the hell had gotten into her? She didn’t know. 

Since her punishment had begun, she had been going in and out of consciousness. Having moments of clarity, then the barbed whip would strike again. And for a brief moment agony would resume. Then everything would shut down. She could tell when they changed punishers, the rhythm was different. They only stopped long enough for her back to scab over so that they could start again. And if it took too long to heal they got a healer in, which in itself hurt like a bitch. 

“Tianna, Tianna, Tianna what are we going to do with you. The world was in your hands, you had everything. Now you have nothing. Not even me,” this was a voice she recognised; her lover, her master. But no more, now she was back on his food chain, and even when this was over, she was sure he would be hunting for her. 

Before she could stop herself, she said. “Oh and you are such a great catch?” She instantly regretted it as he grabbed her long black locks and pulled them cruelly. One day she would learn to keep her mouth shut. Today was not that day. Today she would be punished for it. 

“You are lucky that today is your last day I will not be able to inflict too much more pain on you. But know this; you will never be able to come back into my life, my bed. And if you set foot into my territory you will be dead, the hounds will have your scent, and they will gladly rip you from limb to limb,” Leon whispered seductively in her ear, an ear that had a stray whiplash. 

“You will have nowhere to go, no friends. In fact, your old friends will probably spit on you while you are down,” this thought pleased him immensely, he would love to be a fly on the wall when they saw her again.  

“Don’t you think I know that, and I do have a place to go. A place that is mine, and mine alone;” Tianna rasped, her throat long ago gone dry with fever, fear and screaming.   

Leon paused in his torment, he did not like surprises and the fact that Tianna had managed to keep something from him was a surprise. He knew that she had never honestly been his, no matter how far she fell. She had always had twisted morals, but she had had morals. For this last act of defiance, he wanted to make her pay. But it was against her sentence, and he didn’t have nearly enough time to make it worthwhile.   

He would have to be satisfied with the fact that she was broken, bleeding and in pain. It irked him that not once in the past month had she begged for leniency. Nor in the last ten years had her spirit been broken. She may have done his bidding, she may have been known as his bitch that carried out his orders. But she had always, always had her own spirit under it all. Some people would call her a fighter. And because of this, he had known that this day would come. That she would one day fight back for all of the wrong reasons; to help someone more helpless than she. It was pathetic really.    

“You will never be anything without me,” he ran a blade lightly across her nape, not really cutting deeply, just enough to make her bleed. 

“I will be so much more without you,” she rasped in return. “You will never break me emotionally, and that grates on you doesn’t it. I was never truly yours. There was always a part of me that never belonged to you.” 

In anger, he vanished the chains and spun her body around to pin her against the wall. Grabbing her jaw, he roughly kissed her. She kissed him back just as roughly to prove a point but there was no emotion coming through.  

“We could have been great together,” he said regretfully, he had enjoyed manipulating her and twisting her even more. He always found it highly amusing when another being became twisted with self-loathing.  

“We had ten years together. Our time is up. It’s time for a new era to begin. An era where we live our lives separately,” Tianna rasped softly. 

In a brief fit of built up rage at her defiance, he lashed out with the whip that he had in his hand. A little of his powers leaked out as the whip lashed cutting deeply across her face, down her neck and torso and across her left breast. “Now you will remember me every time you look in the mirror and no one, man or women will want you now.”  

She was taken by surprise at this fresh onslaught of rage and punishment that she let out an involuntary whimper. The pain and agony were new, the skin this strike lashed had been previously untarnished; except in their sexual play and even then nothing like this. Instead of dignifying his abuse with words she spat blood out of your mouth.   

She was saved from any more pain by three booming bongs signifying that her time of punishment was at an end. She didn’t know what was going to happen now. Usually, the victim was stripped and dumped where they had initially been picked up by Leon and his henchmen. But she couldn’t remember where Leon had found her. 

The door to her torture chamber opened “Sire, what do you want us to do with her.” 

“Dump her out in the woods far from city and people, she can crawl somewhere to die, for all I care,” Leon said royally with an airy wave of his hand, then he swept out of the room without looking back. 

Brick and Rage grabbed her roughly by the arms and dragged her out of the room and down the hall. Not bothering to be gentle with her, or even missing obstacles in their way, regardless of the fact that they had been friend’s hours before the incident. Once they arrived at the car, they unceremoniously dumped her limp body in the boot and slammed the lid down. 

She either fell asleep or fell back into unconsciousness because she woke up in the woods about ten kilometers from her hovel. While unconscious Brick and Rage must have beaten her even more because when she went to stand her legs gave out under her and she squeaked in pain.   

Gritting her teeth and using the little strength she had left she started to crawl limply to her hovel. When the pain got too much she rested, then gritting her teeth she would begin again.  One good thing about being stubborn was you never gave up. 

What she noticed throughout the painful journey was the smell of the Kauri forest that was under her body. It was a smell of home, homecoming. The peace and quiet, no city noises, just the sound of other wildlife, the leaves rustling the air. The crunch that her body made as she shuffled along in her attempt to make it to her hovel. Hours later, she wasn’t sure exactly how long, she made it. 

Her hovel was in sight. She gave a small whimper of joy, and she felt a strange type of warmth seeping into her body. She didn’t realise how much she had missed this place. But seeing it gave her renewed energy, and Tianna speeds up as much as her beaten, and battered body would allow. Once there she made her way straight to her pallet, bloody, bruised and exhausted she collapsed onto it, this time falling into a deep healing sleep that her body needed. 

A few times during her healing process she would wake up screaming, and other times she would wake up as a bat. She fevered, and due to this had some hallucinations of fire and burning. The pain was unbearable at times. And she couldn’t bear to have anything touching her body, so quite a few times she would lie on the cold stone floor. 

Then the shakes would set in, this was a combination of the healing process and the fact that her body was finally starting to withdraw from the constant use of one drug or another. The shakes and the hallucinations weren’t nearly as bad as the vomiting out both ends. Luckily she made it to her privy for these delightful occasions. 

Once her legs were healed enough, she stumbled to the nearest eatery Nomads, order the and the first thing that was on the menu. Once she had placed her order, she headed to the back of the eatery and huddled in the dark corner. She sat quietly shivering or itching or both, she was still healing from her torture. The only time she spoke was when she placed her order. Then she would hunch in over herself, closing everyone out.   

When her food arrived, she dug in and ate quickly, just in case someone tried to take her food away. She was paranoid that she was being watched by Leon’s people. But she refused to give them the satisfaction of looking around to see who was actually watching her.   

Once she had finished eating she would always take her food tray to the counter so that the wait staff wouldn’t have to pick up after her. She wouldn’t say anything, and she didn’t even smile. She then slowly and painfully, not as painful as the first time, make her way home, where she would collapse on to her bed and the unconsciousness of sleep. Once she woke up again, it was only because she was hungry, so back she would go, and the cycle would repeat itself.    

Sometimes the food was not enough, and the thirst for blood would consume her. This was the only time she deviated from her pattern. And she would have to take a small detour to some dark alley for a blood source, which was easy enough to come by. She only took the blood, not the sex that was also offered. 

She wasn’t sure how long this routine lasted, but eventually, she started to have more clarity. This was when the craving for the drugs kicked in. But she refused to satisfy this particular hunger. Without Leon to entice her she was strong, she would get away from the drugs.  

It had been a few nights since she had, had a hallucination, and she wasn’t getting the shivers as much. The itching was annoying, but she had got it down to a tolerable level. She wasn’t vomiting all the time, and the food was actually staying in her stomach, sometimes. 

From when she had been first sentenced to the punishment to when she started to feel more coherent in the head must have been at least a few months because the season was changing. There was less rain, and the wind wasn’t as chilly as it was in the middle of winter.  

She was currently sitting high in a Kauri tree. She had flown up as a bat but now was in her human form so that she could really appreciate the view.  This she had missed, not only when she had moved away, but before that. She had lost herself the moment she had taken her first pill.  

She wasn’t sure what she was going to do with her life now… 

USD $3.90 every 3 months. First month $0.99. 
NZD $5.80 every 3 months. First month $1.50

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