Heartbreak Guitar – Chapter 3

She triple-checked the address on her phone before pulling into the driveway. This couldn’t really be the bach she was to stay in. Norm had called this a bach. She shook her head at the notion. A whole big place like this all to herself. She was used to hotel rooms. This was epic.

She pulled in next to the shiny blue three-door car, which was already in the driveway. A woman in her mid-forties sat in the car. Xoe assumed she was the caregiver and cleaner for the bach.

Still looking at the bach in shock, she got out of her car and put her sunglasses on top of her head. She stood there leaning on the doorframe of her car. The sound of the waves from the nearby beach could clearly be heard. Xoe almost wanted to smile but didn’t quite have enough happiness to do so.

“She’s a beauty, isn’t she?” The woman must have gotten out of her car and come up behind Xoe. She was so engrossed in the bach before her that she hadn’t heard a thing.

Without turning to look at the woman, Xoe continued to look at the bach, dumbstruck. “How in the hell does that qualify as a bach?”

“Well, no, it doesn’t. That nice man, Norm, he got it built on the off chance that his girls would one day live in it. Sadly, until now no one has. I come in once a week to clean it, but it is in my contract that I come in every day when there is someone in the house. How long will you be staying, dear?” the woman rattled on in the way some woman did.

“Hmm,” replied Xoe.

“I could show you around if you want? When does the rest of your stuff get here, dear?” the woman asked.

Xoe looked at her blankly. “What stuff? Does the house not have furniture?” She didn’t know what she would do if there was no furniture, as she had none of her own. She didn’t even live in one place. She was continually going from city to city on tour or for a gig.

“Of course, it does, but don’t you have personal stuff coming?” The woman was insistent, and a tone in her voice drew Xoe’s attention away from the bach for a moment. If Xoe didn’t know better, she would say there was motherly concern in the woman’s voice and face, which couldn’t be possible since the woman didn’t know her.

“No, ma’am, I have everything I need in my car. Is the music shop still in town, the one that sells instruments and whatnot?” If there wasn’t, Xoe would have to get what she needed online.

“Yes, although it has new owners now. A couple of brothers, they are new to the area. They have only owned it five years. But they jazzed it up some,” she said.

“Hmm, is it still in the same place?” With what she had seen of the town when she had walked through, there was a good chance all the shops she would require would have moved around some.

“Yes, love, it’s in the same place,” she happily answered, quirking an eyebrow at the young rock star, not that anyone would know she was a rock star..

“Do you cook meals?” Xoe desperately hoped she did because she had never learned how to cook.

“It’s not in my contract, but while I am here, I would be happy to pop something in the oven for you,” she said with a tentative smile, wanting badly to give the young woman before her a hug that she appeared to so desperately need. There was so much heartbreak surrounding her.

“You will need to buy food, I am guessing, so here, take this. I’ll put a jar in the kitchen, and put the receipts and change in there. There will always be money there for whatever you need for the house,” Xoe said as she reached into the car for her carry bag and pulled out her wallet. Handing the money to the woman, she asked, “Don’t suppose you make lasagne, I sure do love me some of that.”

“I could make some for you tonight. I’ll just pop into town and get some basics for the kitchen. Do you drink coffee or something else?” she asked pulling a notebook out of one of those invisible pockets found in some flowing dresses and skirts.

“Coffee, drinking chocolate, cola, lemonade, water, that sort of thing. Thank you, ma’am, I know it’s a pain in the ar—um, rear end, you having to go back into town just for me.”

The woman nodded and wrote in her notebook.

“If you are getting food for snacks, can you make it things that don’t need cooking? And if they need heating, with simple instructions. It would be a shame to blow the kitchen up with my cooking.” This was delivered in such a monotone that the older woman wasn’t sure if the girl was joking or not.

“Right, easy to prepare foods. Can I pick you up some DVDs while I am in town?” the woman asked.

“No, ma’am, but thank you for asking.” Xoe put her shades back on and pushed the button on her key ring that shut the top on her car, but she left the door open. She pushed the lever on her seat to fold it forward so she could reach the stuff in the back.

The cleaner took this as her cue to leave. She got back into her car as she tucked the little notebook back into its pocket. As she was driving out of the driveway, she shook her head at the sight of Xoe overloaded with her guitars.


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