Valentine Paradoor 2018 Submissions

Valentine Paradoor 2018

SUBMISSIONS CLOSE: Sunday, 17 January 2018.

Valentine Paradoor is a collection of short stories by various authors, which will be published for Valentines day.  Your story must have a paranormal/fantasy element to it, but it must also contain romance.

This is for the adult market so may contain sexual themes. Please refrain from swearing.

Each story has to be between 1,000 to 15,000 words – the average story is around 5,000 words.

There will be one story per author. But if you are doing a series of stories there will be other editions of Paradoor.

The payment to the author will be up to $0.50 per issue sold.

An edition needs to have at least 5 authors and 40,000 words to be published in paperback form. And have at least 10,000 words to be published as an eBook.

Send submissions to

Editor: Cindy Hargreaves



How to submit

Send your full manuscript of up to 15,000 words for short stories or for longer stories the first three chapters and the last chapter. Please send this in a word .doc, .docx or .rft file. Please make sure your manuscript is finished before you query.

You will also need to attach your professionally written cover letter. Take care with your cover letter as this is the first thing that your reviewing editor sees. It needs to be professionally written and free of spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes.

We only accept electronic submissions, as we are a digital eBook publisher. No paper manuscripts will be accepted. To this end: all correspondence with you the writer will be via email, this includes acceptance and rejection of your manuscript, all edits, and any other correspondence.

  • It is important that your manuscript is thoroughly edited by yourself before it is submitted.
  • For the short stories please have it thoroughly edited by yourself and at least two friends.
  • It is in NZ/UK English.
  • Inside the manuscript you have used styles, rather than manually changing formatting.
  • All manuscripts must be in a .doc or .docx or .rft file.
  • Manuscripts can be single spaced with a 12 point font, something like Arial or Verdana is suitable.
  • After a full stop there is a single space – not double
  • Space after full stops: 1
  • No entered space after a paragraph, as the formatted style will take care of this, and if you have hit enter to create a space, this has to be deleted manually.
  • Please do not tab at the start of a paragraph, once again this is taken care of with the style formatting.
  • Manuscript to be in UK or New Zeeland English.
  • Document types accepted: .doc, or .docx. If you do not have Microsoft Word, then there is a free program called Open Office, that you can download and use for free.
  • Rather than using italics put the word in all caps.
  •  Your manuscript will not be rejected due to formatting. It however is very important that the manuscript be thoroughly edited, at the very least by a friend who gives constructive feedback. If it apparent that there has been no editing it will be rejected.The email cover letter
  • In the body of the email include a professionally written cover letter stating what your story is about. (No personal information or anything unrelated to the story)
  • You will receive and initial response within four weeks. Your manuscript is read by a publisher before it is accepted. If your submission is accepted then your book will be published in six to twelve months.
  • If documents to not abide by these simple terms, then the submission will be rejected.
  • The cover letter will need to include:
  • Title
  • Author pen name and real name:
  • Your email
  • Word count of full manuscript
  • Blurb (300 words max)
  • Previous publication credits
  • Attachments with the submission
  • a one page summary of the story and lead character profiles.
  • a detailed chapter breakdown outline.
  • the sample of the first three and the last chapter, if it is a novel

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